Women's Pro Series

Welcome to the Inaugural 2020 WSL Women’s Pro Series

In this packet, you will find all of the information needed to join the 2020 WSL Women’s Pro Series.

In order to join the WSL Women’s Pro Series, your team must compete in either the WSL Women’s A or Women’s B Division. Classification guidelines for these 2 divisions are outlined in this packet. The entry fee for joining the WSL Women’s Pro Series will be $500.00.

Your $500.00 entry fee ensures your place in the 2020 WSL Women’s Pro Series Championships on September 12-13. Women’s B teams that join the Women’s Pro Series will be able to participate in the WSL Women’s B World Championships on September 10-11 but will have a separate entry fee for the WSL Women’s B World Championships.

Benefits for joining the WSL Women’s Pro Series for both divisions are outlined in this packet. The entry deadline for joining the WSL Women’s Pro Series is March 15th, 2020. Space is limited, so if you plan on joining the series, please do so as soon as possible. A link for joining the WSL Women’s Pro Series will be on the WSL website on January 22, 2020. Any additional questions not found in this packet, please contact me directly.

Clay Dickey
Senior Vice President

Benefits of joining the 2020 WSL Women’S Pro Series
  • Every team joining the WSL Women’s Pro Series will play in the Pro Series Championships as long as they have played in at least 2 WSL Women’s Pro Series Events. In the event a team registers to play in a tournament and that event is then cancelled, they will receive credit for playing in that event.
  • Participants that win a Pro Series event will win some of the best prizes including up to 2 Condos at the beautiful Laketown Wharf Condos in Panama City Beach or Travel money for the weekend.
  • We will have a seasons end Awards Banquet and after Party on Thursday night for individuals and coaches that participated in the 2020 WSL Women’s Pro Series.
  • We will award the largest awards package in the history of Women’s Slow Pitch Softball to both the Women’s Pro Series Champions and The Women’s B World Champions. (Please Note: For the Women’s B winner to receive the awards package, they must be a part of the WSL Women’s Pro Series. If a non-Pro Series participant wins the Women’s B, they will win the standard WSL Prize Package)
  • We Will have local media coverage as well as Live broadcasts of the Championship finals for both championships.
  • We will have the best umpires WSL has to offer on the fields for both championships.
  • The home office will maintain a copy of any contracts that you have with players, if you would like to ensure the fairness in departure of players on your team regarding getting possible equipment and other items back.
  • There will be a 30-day waiting period before a player can join another roster if said player has played with your team, unless you agree to their immediate release. Played is defined as having traveled to a tournament with your team as a rostered player.
Classification Guidelines:

WSL recognizes 4 Women’s divisions. They are A, B, C, D. Any team can participate in WSL Women’s Pro Series events. Only teams that are apart of the series will receive series points. C and D teams will receive double points for their respective divisions.

2. If your team has 4 or more players on the 2020 WSL Women’s restricted player list, you must participate in the Women’s A division. The restricted player list can be found on the WSL website at www.playwsl.com

3. Any team with less than 4 restricted players can participate in our Women’s B division. Please be advised, that WSL can reclassify a team any time based upon roster moves and other factors that might increase your team’s strength that we determine warrants a bump in class.